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JBJ Nano Cube or the Red Sea Max


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Hello Everyone,


Been some time since I posted but I would like to ask a question. I am looking to "upgrade" my reef system from an older/standard 20 gallon high aquarium with the standard filtration and upgraded lighting one might find on a standard aquarium to either a JBJ Nano Cube (either the HQI-Metal Halide or CF-Compact Flourescent) or the Red Sea Max system. Right now I am swaying more towards the Red Sea Max based on what I have seen and read. Also, depending on what system I pick, I am also curious about any modifications folks have made beyond the standard "out-of-the-box" configuration.


I just wanted to ping the group and see what others on here might think...


Thanks in advance,


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Personally of course, I would go with the JBJ Nano, but that's because I have one. :) See my sig.


In any case, search this forum, read the tank diaries, you'll get a lot more info from them.


I had the same decision as you about 4 months ago. RSM or JBJ. The deciding factor was the JBJ had LEDs. That was it for me. I knew in TX that I would need a chiller if I ran MH lights, and that wasn't something I wanted to do.



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besides all of our other setups we have running, we have 5 various 'plug-n-play' setups, one of which i really hate for one reason: the d@amned "bowfront effect" is HORRIBLE in our NC28 HQI. i dunno what they did, but the distortion due to its curvature is ridiculously bad, so much so that i never look at the tank from the front...i use one of the flat side panels. for whatever reason, the 24's aren't as bad by a long shot.


Renee takes lots of photos, and simply can't get a good one thru the front of this tank, which is too bad, because it currently houses our coolwater bluefin lion.


i'd go with a nice, flat RSM if i were you. in fact, we'll likely be ditching this tank when we make our upcoming move.



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