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Green Torch Coral!


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Hey guys. I was thinking about buying torch coral .. but figured I'd ask a few questions first...


I've got a percula clown so I was curious if there is chance he pairs with it?


Will 4x24W T5HO over a roughly 12-14" deep tank be strong enough?


Do they require any extra dosing/feeding? I'm new to reefs even though I've done a ton of research for the past 2 months. I wouldn't wanna take the plunge on something that requires feeding other than what my lighting can prove.



Any other info from anyone who may have these in their tank is much appreciated.. I've researched them on the web but I always feel like someone's advice who actually has them/takes care of them is much more beneficial..


The link to the torch coral I was looking at is here.. http://www.bluezooaquatics.com/productDeta...1310&cid=54


Thanks for any help.

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torches always seem pretty hardy and can do well under many lighting (your t5s will be great) and they grow a lot faster when you keep your calc in check.

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cheryl jordan

Just make sure the torch's location ;is not next to any corals it can sting with it's very long sweeper tentacles.


Acclimate to your tanks lighting, and your current lighting is more than enough.


You can target feed them, mysis is good. But you do not have to, they grow faster if you do, but they are fine without it too.

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