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help, green algae and sps STNing


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since i started my new 70g tank, which was an upgrade from a 34g solana, ive had this persistent green algae growing. the 34g i had for a year, i cured base rock for a month, and the 70g has been set up for about 3 months already.


my parameters are:

Phosphate (using a Hanna meter): 0.03

PH: 8.2

Nitrate: 0

Nitrite: 0

Ammonia: 0-0.25


I do not have any fish in the tank because of an ich outbreak which happened about a month ago. So its been fallow for 3-4 weeks. One thing that I think it may be is, i have an 8 bulb ATI over the tank. i bought the fixture and bulbs used and do not know how old the bulbs are. i replaced bulb with a new one.


Here are pics:






any idea whats going on?

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0-0.25 ammonia? That's not normal.


agreed any ammount of ammonia above absolute zero is bad. not like.."keep your nitrites at zero and nitrates as low as possible preferably zero" its...break yourself and change your water bad. Ammonia, if it doesn't kill fish at low levels it can damage thier gills permenantly.

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