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Cultivated Reef

the dreaded...


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naso tang and diadema urchins are apparently all that will eat this.


I do no chemical filtration or mechanical, would phospho/carbon help if I ran them for a while?


Is there any acid I can burn this stuff off with?



the two listed eaters are too big to be in my tank.



I don't know if there is any hope....I may just have to wait this one out, apparently it does die off eventually. EVENTUALLY! ahhh

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freakin great...


I do appreciate the support, don't misunderstand.


To scrape it off with my scalpel I had to take it to the rock.


My plan of attack:


scrape the hell out of it, use some Phosban, see if it can grow back.


One side of my rock is all pretty purple/pink mix, the other side is eww. I just can't wait for this to disappear on its own. I really messed up starting off, this stuff was like the size of a dime and I just left it thinking it was some part of the normal cycle. It was so small when it started, looked like diatoms sorta.







Anyone with a success story, I'd love to hear (read) it.

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U tried raising magnesium?


please explain, how/why would that help?


Thank you!!!!!






apparently this only works on briopsis...


this stuff is encrusting not "fern-like" and it is brown not green...


but you tell me if you think it would work I might try it

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Is it soft, or calcareous?


well, soft/slick to the touch, but tough to remove...I have to take it down to the rock to get it off.


It spreads in the same fashion coralline algae does, I think it may be calcareous but can't say for certain.

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