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Degener8 Feedback Thread

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I had received a bad shipment last week of a kenya tree that didn't survive the shipping process. When I started a thread on the general forum asking what I should do to try to save it after the shipping got mangled, Degener8 was quick to offer advice and tips on what to do.


Alas, the tree could not be saved, but Degener8 - just being a nice guy and looking to help out a noob reefer - offered to send me a frag of Kenya for the cost of shipping. Little did I know he would also include a sweet rock of zoas as a freebie! :happy: The shipping was TOP NOTCH - double-bagged with ample water, in bubblewrap, in a hard styrofoam box, with a heat pack wrapped in wet newspaper, all sent in a Priority USPS box. The corals arrived only a day later and were in perfect shape, and after acclimation, were already opening up this morning including the Kenya tree which has already about doubled from its shrivelled shipping size.


I'd be remiss not to make a thread here to thank Degener8 for being so awesome and turning a bad situation around for a new kid on the block like me, and I look forward for the chance to pay it forward in the future when I see another noob in need!

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Thank you very much I am very gla everything worked out and that your happy with the corals. I am glad to pay forward a little to another member since I have gotten good help from others on here as well. :)

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I just did a trade with degener8 and will add to the positive feedback. He was very communicative through the whole process and kept me updated on the healing progress of the corals after fragging. He even threw in a couple of freebees into the trade.


The corals were well packed- double bagged, wrapped in newspaper, inside a styrofoam lined box.


Have no fear buying from him- you will do well!

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