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Help!!! i woke up yesterday morning and my pulsing xenias looked terrible everything else looks fine although my bubble tip seems like he might be noticing something. so i tested and everything is normal except my no3's are through the roof. I did a water change and they are still very high. im pretty new to this but i did change my filter media about a week ago a buddy said this could be the cause. Im just trying to find out if changing the filter media is what made these shoot up and if that is what is possibly affecting my xenia


my setup is the following

29 bc

remora protein skimmer

current metal halide light

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What kind of filter media do you have and what did you change?


If it's something like filter floss, changing shouldn't be a problem.


if it's bioballs or sponges or something similar, removing the bacteria that lives on them can occasionally cause problems.


Any other changes or new additions to the tank?


And people are going to want all your water parameters - test results, specific gravity, temp, everything. The more we know, the more we can help.

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