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my 30 breeder


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hello everyone, i have been lurking around nano reef for a few months gathering great info and ideas, and after a few weeks i started a 5.5 gallon AIO.

now please bear with me, i am new to saltwater (many fresh tanks in the past) and i am very new to posting forums on the internet, this is actualy the first post ever.

anyways, after a few months with the 5.5 it was getting outgrown, so i dicided to upgrade.

i went with a 30 breeded i liked the shallow tank, although now i wish i went with something bigger like a 40b, or even a 50. but i wanted to stay within the "nano" size.

i will start with my 30 because the 5.5 is disassambled.

i used about 45 lbs of dry base rock and 10 lbs of live rock to seed it

being that i am new to forums and saltwater i would like to hear what the reefing community has to say about my tank, i would like to hear good and bad but please be kind :)


thank you everyone at nanoreef for all the info you all helped me alot :)


p.s. i dont know how to get more than 1 pic up :(


here are my 2 new clowns :) there is also a fw molly that i aculmated to salt, hes been in there for about 3 months now.



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