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Seeding "dead" rock


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I started a saltwater aquarium a couple years ago, but because I did not have a job and I had limited money (I am in High School) the aquarium failed, completely. I made mistakes and did not have the right equipment. Now that I have a job, I have thought about starting another marine thank.



I am at the beach right now, and have found some rocks here that look like they would be perfect for live rock. I know that I would need to boil this rock before doing anything...but my questions are as follows:


1) How long would it take for the rock to look like "live" rock (full of coraline, essential bacteria)

2) What do I need to have the coraline spread? (calcium, established sand, an actual live rock...)

3) What kind of lighting do I need?


Any help would be very apperciated!!

Thank you in advance! :]

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It would all depend on your system. You would need to have stable calcium (400-450), and coraline will spread by itself if provided with good flow and strong light. Make sure the usual (Phosphate, nitrate, should I even say ammonia) stay at the lowest possible.


If you apply this your dead rock could "look like live rock" in a couple of weeks :)

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If you boil the rock it will be dead rock and wont have anything beneficial to be gained. As far as looking like live rock that (assuming you do have some live rock) can take weeks to months.

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