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Bama Cadlights 22 Gallon T-5 :)

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Hope everyone is doing well! A little background: broke into the hobby in 2006 with a mini-bow 7 system that went great with a 70W Sunpod! Most corals grew fantastically and the system flourished through a move in 2008. Sadly the tank suffered a fracture and we (my lovely wife and I) had to move the system to a 10 Gallon. With our new house purchase last year we decided it was time for a new tank. My sunpod gave out so I decided on a whole new system and chose Cadlights! The tank arrived in a week, cross country no less! No damage; however, I implore Cadlights to provide some instructions for putting the lighting together in the future and improving the cover design. Overall though the tank is fabulous.



22 Gallon built in refugium

Custom stand built by my grandfather-in-law and myself.

96 Watts of T-5 lighting

Chaeto in refugium, using light off my old pictope for fuge lighting.

Around 26-30 lbs of live rock.

Only the zoa colony and some random mushrooms as I sold my previous coral colonies when the sunpod died.

Krusty the 5 year old Ocellaris Clownfish

Monte the Royal Gramma

5 large Turbo Snails


Coral Plans:

Another colony or two of zoas.

Mainly LPS such as an open brains, small elegance coral, maybe a bubble, and my favorite candy canes/trumpet corals.


What do you guys think? Any advice on coral choice? I dont want anything with crazy high flow as I like the look of the one outlet. It is a 500gph pump btw.







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Thanks! I have been really impressed by the quality of Cadlights so far! The light could be a little better but the tank itself is just gorgeous!

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Had to add this pic today. Don't you love it when something comes right up to the glass? It may not be the best pic but for my Sony Cybershot 7.2 Megapixel it is prety good lol!


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I like it, interesting size. I'm taking it that there is about 10" of front to back of tank space? You mentioned the lights could be better, any particular issues or just not as sleek as you'd like?

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They are good output wise I just wish it was a little sleeker, the legs were a little better designed, and really wish they hadn't put the sticker on the wrong side!!!! Yep its 10" front to back of actual display size.

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Added a new inhabitant last week a small Royal Gramma. We named him Monte after my wife and I's alma mata the University of Montevallo whose colors are purple and gold.




He has made his den underneath our zoa colony and after about 5 days of keeping to himself regularly comes out now to show his colors.

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