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Questions on AquaC Remora Filter Box


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I'm thinking of getting a Remora. But I really don't want the pump in view. I know they make a pre filter box for it to hide it and it also skims the surface. My question is if the waterline has to be a certain height for it to skim properly. I don't have an auto top off. So if water evaporates pass the teeth will the pump run dry? Also if I just got the filter box and used it on my rio skimmer will it fit and work also?

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I also considered getting the prefilterbox, but yes if the water drops below the teeth the pump will run dry. Im just going to hide the pump with rocks. And I dont know about it fitting on a rio or not, sorry.

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I just checked my remora prefilter box and no it won't run dry if it gets too low. Mine has a small space at the bottom of the center divider that will keep at least some water in the pump half as long as its kept clean.

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