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Cultivated Reef

Are cutting boards reef safe?


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I got a poly board made by catskill.





-Dishwasher Safe

-Microwave Safe

-Knife Friendly

-Non-Stick Surface

-Easy to Clean

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fair enough. the actual composition might not be listed on the packaging, but any antimicrobials would be, since it's a selling point. I guess the best bet is to buy the cheapest brand you can find. :lol:

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i know, but im not sure if all of them were. and if the material itself has an antimicrobial component that might leech

Good point. Now days lots of products have antimicrobial components.

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its probably fine though. if anything, its probably just a coating. Or you could return it and get a board from tap plastics

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thanks. Would I have to order one online or can I find them at a walmart /target kind of store?


-also would a soak in vinegar get rid of the coating?

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I wouldn't worry about any coating unless stated on the package that it has been treated with a micro-bacterial layer. The cutting boards should be harmless, if you don't believe me just call wide world corals. They have them lining the bottom of one of their show tanks. The tank is in perfect health. I like sand better but to each their own. I saw their tank today at their aniversary party, definitly a great looking tank. Just too many chalices and not enough acros...lol.

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