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Fish Stocking suggestions


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20G long, barebottom

Aquaclear 50 running purigen and carbon.

Resun power skimmer rated to 30g

Not sure of LR amount, see pic.

100w jager heater

2x 500gph nano powerheads

Lighting - Twin 24w T5HO, 1x powerglo, 1x marineglo


Fish I like, and that are available:

Ocellaris Clowns

Flame Angels

Fire gobies


Would love to have a pair of clowns, 1 firefish and a flame angel, but not sure if this is possible?

And want to keep on the lighter end of stocking.



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If you want an angel, go with a Cherub or Flameback. The flame will get too large.


My other concern is if you have a lid. Firefish are known jumpers.

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