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Wdubosemsp's Solana

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So a 14g biocube + a 24g aquapod = a 34g solana right?


Found a crazy good deal on a Solana 34g so I decided to get it.



34g Solana

150w Sunpod w/ 14k Pheonix

Stock return pump

Stock skimmer for now

4-fan Azoo fan

Aqualifter ATO

Maxi 1200

Misc azoo pump(to be replaced w/ Korilana nano)



(1) Black Ocellaris clownfish (aka Goliath)

(1) Ocellaris clownfish(aka David)




Pink Palys

Armor of God

Watermellon zoas(Maybe?)

Bam-Bam zoas

Ausi Duncan

Candy cane

A few other misc zoas


Future(~2-3 months) plans:

A few SPS

Tunze skimmer or comparable


Reef Keeper lite



I plan on getting some sps as soon as everything settles down from the move.


Let me know what you think! More pics will come soon. Suggestions are always welcome!



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