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Feeding Question


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I have a NC28g tank I convereted to LEDs. Tank has been up for 4 months. The tank has been running for three months with the following: 28lbs of live rock, live sand,10 astra snails, 20 Blue leg Hermit crabs, 1 Kenya tree and all the things that crawl out at night. Water changes every week and all weter test good. I started stocking this week. Added the following: 1 Diamond Goby, 2 cleaner shrimp, 1 green star polyp frag, 1 zoa frag. Sooooo question, What to feed, how much, how often.

Thanks Craig

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cheryl jordan

Personally I try to feed a variety of things every other day . One day high quailty pellets, next frozen foods, and I feed different types of frozen foods.


For systems with picky eaters I may feed every day. A good pod population is always a plus as well.

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You don't need much right now. So however often you feed, I'd keep it pretty minimal. You just need a bit for that goby, shrimp and hermits. So if you pellet feeding, just a few every other day ought to be enough.

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