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PNW Temperate Tanks Using Marineland Commercial Systems

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Since the end result of bio-filtration is nitrate, and temperate tanks are so heavily fed, nitrate tends to build up fast. It's a problem in my 50 gallon octopus tank, which is now supporting two octopus (one in a "temporary" in-line tank), three sea stars, a fish eating anemone, and a lot of strawberry anemone (way too much). Steve Weast has a big denitrifier on his system, and I'm planning to build one soon. Are your nitrates high? If not, do you do a lot of water changes, or do you think that 60 lbs of live rock is taking care of the nitrates? You have two stand alone 100 gallon systems right? Is there live rock in the other one? I'm wondering if my nitrate problem is just heavy feeding, or if there's something else going on (fouled DSB, insufficient skimmer, ???) Thanks

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Right now I'm running the two stand alone 110 gallon tanks and spot feeding mostly. The tank with the base rock in the false bottom is the one with the majority of the livestock in it and it does seem to handle water quality better.


I'm going to add base rock to the other tank as well once I get the 200 gallon running.

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Well I sold one of the lobster tanks today, and then went and picked up another one for $75 :D


Granted, its not a higher end one like the one I sold, but its cool in its own right. The model I bought is a marineland ML 2+2, which has 2 50 gallon tanks side by side with 2 seperate chillers and thermostats. It also has the cool push button relay that stops the pumps for up to 3 minutes and automatically turns them back on later.

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Got the refrigerated auto feeder all done, just need to finish my sump and plumb it all together,thought I'd share some photos of what I managed to get done on my day off. I think the final cost on the auto feeder was under $60.


It started life as a free brown mini fridge. Threw a coat of semi gloss black on it to match the rest of the setup.



Here is the outside plumbing and hole where the power cord comes out for the doser. I took apart the dosing pump and unwired the power cord and ran it through the side so I didnt have to drill a hole the size of the plug and then fill it in.



Inside of the fridge, I kept the freezer in there since I didnt need any more room really and I can keep all the frozen mysis and plankton in here and keep the wife happy :) I used a piece of pipe to mount the doser on and left enough extra cord so I can pull it out and work on it or change settings easily.









And here is what I got going on for the insulated sump, still need some more bioballs though.







Wow I dig this, I think this is so cool once you begin using home appliances and camping gear to retrofit a tank.


Amazing tank...

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Look what I got more of :D


Moonglow Anemone (Anthopleura artemisia)



Painted Anemone (Urticina crassicornis)






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I've been wanting to get me some of them there painted nems. But haven't been able to find any :(

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I've been wanting to get me some of them there painted nems. But haven't been able to find any :(


I got 5 small ones now :) I'll be home all day tomorrow, swing by if you have time.

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