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Hi guys new to the forums sorry if theres already a topic on this. I recently purchased a bubbletip anenome he is doing really well and my mated golden maroons have already paired up with him im curious if it is better to feed him 1 cut up piece of raw shrimp every 2 to 3 days or once a week I am totally new to aquariums and am learning as i go i have fed him twice sense i got him about a week ago he is doing really well hes very responsive to the light change and the fish sleep inside while hes closed up as far as I can tell hes in perfect condition. will post pictures when i get a better camera.

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Some will, some won't... I don't feed my nem really, maybe 1-2 mysis a day which is just a snack. If I feed him silversides, he poops... a lot...


It mucks up my water quality, so yeah. Each one is different I guess.

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Just feed the clowns. They'll feed the anemone.



Be careful with that... a lot of clowns do not feed the host. I've had clowns... clarkies / gsm's - that fed their nems but I've had others... Oc / Percs - that did not. I'd be willing to say that some Oc's and Percs may feed the hosts but just as some clarkies or gsm's may not. That has just been my experience.


I always feed my clowns krill and silversides. I feed every 2 or 3 days and I cut the silversides into thirds.

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I feed mine silversides every week or two (or sometimes three). They seem to do OK between feedings, and grow a lot faster if you feed them a lot.


see also http://www.karensroseanemones.net/




It's been 3 months and my clowns still don't host or feed my anemone. I feed my tank one small cube of defrosted brine shrimp once a week and make sure I spot feed my anemone a bit from that. It's not much but they don't need much.


I also for the first time fed my anemone a piece of raw shrimp 'from the deli at the market" and it ate it right up. Looks even better this morning.

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This reminds me, I can't remember the last time I fed my nem. :unsure:



I guess I'm over feeding mine.


I though I had 5 but did a head count this morning and found that I have 7. :huh:

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