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Replacement Pump for Sapphire NC12 Skimmer?


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I know Sapphire Aquatics is no longer in business. However, their skimmer is the only thing that fits in the stock tank with the hood. Therefore, I am trying to find a replacement pump for the skimmer. I was wondering if anyone had any suggested? If it included an impeller/mesh wheel that would be great. Thanks.

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Well there's good news..... bad news.


Good news is you can get a replacement pump here:




It is the Sicce Nova pump that Sapphire used on that skimmer, I think.


The bad news is, it doesn't have the mesh wheel.


However.... you can make one yourself. Here's a "How To" link for the mesh mod. This is what many folks are doing now.




Good Luck!! ;)

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Well at least I can get a pump with the right amount of power. Is there anywhere to buy impellers/mesh wheels that may work with this?

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