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Holiday what to do


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its that time of the year again, hols! :D need one as well! BUT i have some concerns about my 75L topless tank its being running now for around 3 months has 2 clown fish, 1 bi-colour Blenny and a soon to go yellow tail damsel, CUC - cleaner and sexy shrimps, pom pom crab porcilien crab and snails, along with some corals.


Problems - expected heat wave July and August! we are going the second week in July, when the heat got high two weeks ago my tank hit 29° :o cooled it down with fans - 2nd problems evaporation every day around 1 litre - 3rd problem skimmer needs emptying every day - so what do I do? have a friend who will pop in to top up and check the salt levels - fine i hope, - should i leave a fan on all the time?


and lastly the skimmer is there a way of drilling a hole in the plastic and connecting a hose of some sort so when it get to a certain level it overflows in to this and down into a container? how to connect the overflow pipe to the plastic cup?


Besides all of this is there anything else anyone can think of? I am really worried about leaving it :( its my first try at marines always had Discus and never worried about them - and they so far have never had a problem.


Any help or ideas greatly received :D

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I'd disconnect the skimmer while gone. Have a distinct fill line for top offs (or implement an ATO unit). Pre-measure dry food for feeding (Dixie cups work fine here).

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