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BioCube Filter Modification - Bio balls....toss out or keep?

Guest excitedforfish

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Guest Lylahippie

I just recently bought a 14g biocube and this will be my first saltwater setup. I am very excited and nervous. I am researching around and it seems that the consensus in the SW world seems to be that it is a good idea to toss the bio balls out because they are nitrate factories.


I plan on only using my tank for fish, cleaner crews, live rock/sand, and a few easy to keep corals like mushrooms, xenia, etc


So, do you guys think I should toss the bio balls when I get the aquarium - it will be mailed to my home soon so I want to prepare for my plan of attack haha.


If I toss them, can someone please give me STEP BY STEP directions on what to replace the chambers with? I heard we are supposed to replace it with filter floss. Where do I buy it from? It also sounds so confusing - "place in chamber 1, 2, and dont overflow and block blah blah blah etc.... I guess it would help if I could actually look at what I plan on modifying


Also, where would I place a heater I am buying for my biocube? Does it go in the filter? Sorry if that is a dumb question! I heard someone say it goes in a specific section, but some heaters are just ones you "hang" on a tank....you know?


Any way, any tips would help!! THANKS

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I like to keep my bioballs for some unknown reason, but yes remove them before you get started.


Don't get hung up on exactly where everything is going to go. Filter floss is great for mechanical filtration, go to wal-mart and buy plain pillow stuffing. It can go basically anywhere in the rear chambers, just make sure a pump can't suck it in.


The heater can also go in the back chambers somewhere, just make sure to follow the heaters instructions regarding submersion and you should be good.


Good luck with the new tank!

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I also have a 14G biocube. I got rid of the bioballs and used live rock rubble in it's place. The person who posted prior to me couldn't have said it better.


+1 InLimbo87

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Guest Lylahippie

Wow, thanks for the quick replies! So I seriously can put it anywhere? I think I will put it in chamber 2. How big of a "clump" should I put in? How often should I change it?

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Do not replace your bioballs with live rock, same thing same nitrate risk.


Heater in chamber one

Use chamber two for filtration media and or chaeto.


Replace filter floss as needed, probably once a week. Every tank is different

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