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Drip acclimate it. Then put it where you would like it then expect it to move where it wants to go while stinging your corals and maybe getting sucked up into your power head and crashing your tank. I am not joking or being a smarta$$ about this I am actually serious.


Things you can do to cut down on the chances of that happening are to get a tupperware container and put holes in it. Then put the anemone in it so that it can't walk on you and then put it exactly where you plan for it. This way it is forced to get used to your lighting at that spot and can't move. After a few days let it out and put it next to the rock you want it on with your powerheads off. Make sure where you put it is a rock where it can attach upside down and retract into so that it is out of the light. After it attaches and extends feed it heavily so that it learns that the spot its in is a good spot for food.


Good luck.

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