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10 gallon sump


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I have a 55 gallon tank that has been setup for about 2 months and I would like to see if there is a way to add a sump to it.



2 Emporer 400's

1 Aquaclear 70

216 watts of T5

2 Koralia 2's



50 pounds of LR

25 pounds of LS

2 Clowns (1 B/W and 1 Onyx)

1 6 line

1 SMALL hippo tang <--- yes it's in there till it gets a little bit bigger

1 Coral Banded Shrimp




Various Zoa's







As the title says I'd like to add a sump, 10 gallon is about the biggest I can fit in my stand. No skimmer at this time, would like to add chateo/filter pads or whatever you all think is best in the sump.


1. is a 10 gallon sump on a 55 gallon tank worth it?

2. what supplies would i need? (tank, tubing, pump/what kind?/ etc....)


I'd love to hear input or see examples of what other members have done with 10 gallon sumps.



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although a 15-20g would be a better choice, a 10g is better than no refugium at all.

After some time you will see that your tank will flourish with different kind of fauna. (my tank is full of pods now lol)


A bsic list of what you need is

Plumbing (good idea to use a bypass on the return line)

Overflow (box, pvc or drilling a hole in the glass) rated higher than the return (head loss taken into account)

Return pump (i would go with an Eheim 1250 on this one but depends on the desired flow and pumping height)

Lighting (very important for getting good growth with the chaeto. 5000-6500K should be a good choice. Personally i'm using 4 XR-E Q5 WG (6500K) leds at 700mA i=on a 5g sump and i am getting very good growth


Hope that helps

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