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getting new skimmer


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I have a 20 gal tank with no sump so any skimmer I get will have to be a hob. I have a euro-reef hob and it works very well but I just dont like the fact the skimmer is in the tank, taking up way to much room. So im going to get a new skimmer that hangs on the back. I would like the pump to be on the outside the tank also. I have been looking at the Warner marine H1 and H2. Im trying to keep the price of the skimmer around $300. Would a skimmer like the H2 be way to big and just a bad idea???? Also what about the new Super reef octopus skimmers like the LX1000s or the BH800SBS or the XP1000s. Im just not sure if getting a skimmer that strong would just be a dumb idea or if it could cause problems with the tank. It is only 20gal but it is packed full of corals and 3 fish. So I am trying to get the best skimmer for that money. And i go out of town a LOT and need a skimmer that wont over flow and is stable, thats another reason I have been looking at some of the larger skimmers.

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You could also try a large HOB filter like an aquaclear 110 that could fit a small skimmer designed for sumps, like the tunze 9002. A member here, baj, had a DIY thread on such a setup.

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I dont mind spending the money on one of the super reef octopus skimmers. But could i a skimmer that strong harm the tank by stripping out things like trace elements???

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