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topless tanks kill fish?


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So I recently switched from running my solana with the top on to running it with nothing. I like the new clean look of the rimless tank, and it's totally brought my summer heat problem under control because of the extra evap, which is easily handled by the JBJ ATO I just installed.


But just two days into this, I lost one of my oldest fish - a six line wrasse, who I think I've had for more than a year - who jumped and was found several feet away from the tank tonight :(


What's the word on this? I've lost quite a few fish to jumping (my first two clowns, a yellow watchman goby, and now the wrasse) and really don't want to have my wife dreading every trip to the office and me mourning a lost fish every other week. The tank looks great ... but do I really need a top after all?




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Most wrasses are known to jump...


You can try putting netting over the top. I use the storm door/window frames from lowes and got some pond netting.


Not the prettiest but it helps.


A lot of fish jump.. especially when spooked.. and in a small tank.. there's not a lot of real estate to go.. run into the glass and go up and out. Rimless is probably the worst. There's no edge to catch them... like a eurobrace or trim (even that is not 100% fool proof).

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I love egg crate as a top, keeps fish in, no reduction in light :-)


The metal mesh tops just sacre me.....

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Since you have a top, just put the top back on or risk loosing fish. I would never go "topless". I lost a couple of fish into middle bio ball chamber in my 29g BioCube. Resolved that by fencing it off with plastic mesh.

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