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Warning: Mr. Coral


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To all


Huge thread in corals forum on unhappy customers with Mr. Coral. Mr Coral does not feel anything is wrong when all the frags fall off the plugs.


"If something does not make it I need a pic. Just because a Zoa frag that was glued 2 weeks ago falls off in shipping does not mean it is dead. I would need pics of course."

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Was this thread really necessary given what Mr.Coral said ??


The 1st batch we did not allow the 2 week heal time. This last time we gave them all 2 weeks and so far I have heard good things except a few falling off. I sold 40 of these packs. When shipping this many frags if a few fall off that is expected and can be glued with no issues. If something did not make it all I need is a pic. I have not got 1 pic today. Now if you were to tell me Sonny hold my frags for 2 months I would do that. I have no issues doing that of course but people do not want to wait. Any of my packs the customer can tell me when I ship as long as it is pass my deadline. I really think 2 weeks is enough time but that is the customers call after the 2 week period.
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Was this thread really necessary given what Mr.Coral said ??

No it really wasn't keesh is just upset. We all know there has been problems in the past and I believe he is trying to do his best to make good on everything. I do feel that at this point maybe eating a bit on shipping and getting the people their dead frags replaced WITHOUT a new order would be good business.


jsut my thoughts.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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