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Moon lights (Nocturnal Lights)


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Hi in my bio cube 29 the 3 blue leds dont cut it for me they just arent bright enough. Does any one have any ideas on how to make them brighter or any upgrades? I was thinking a short strand of blue led christimas lights on a timer. do u think that would work? THANKS HAPPY REEFING

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I use the Lunar Light by Current in my pico. Works well. You can also link multiple lights together if you need more than one.

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I also use the r2 moonlights in both of my biocubes- they work great.


I liked the R2 as well but it started flickering on me within 7 months.

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I got Blue LED christimas lights the strand is a foot long i have moded to make it rust proof i will be wireing it in soon and then i will post the pics these things are bright cant waite.

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