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Coral Vue Hydros

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I am a 17 y/o who received a Nikon D70 for a early birthday present last year, I am part of jpgmag but don't feel like I get quite the feedback I am looking for on there so guys have a look. Opinions very much welcome, be honest i can take it.









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You've got a good eye for this. :)

The HDR is a little overworked, imho, but to each his own! The lighting on the flowers is so delicate.

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Yeh I have a problem knowing what's enough and what's not and it always looks different once I get out of photomatix pro and PS to the internet or print.

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Solid/unnatural backgrounds don't do much for flowers in flower pictures. People use black a lot with harsh white lighting but that's a total cop-out.

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Thanks guys I'm going to post more in probably a week or less I'm currently just outside of colorado springs area taking quite a few pictures.

The 2nd from the bottom is my favorite too.

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Hi RedClay


What kind of feedback are you looking for? Technical, compositional, subject? Let us know and I bet you'll get some detailed responses.


Nice work so far!

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I'm looking for more of compositional and the subject because I have found out what to do technically, I've been using photoshop to manipulate images for 3+years. But some technical as far as camera's go though.


Here are two more shots I created while we were driving back, I have 2,000 some odd pictures to sort through that have not made it into my lightroom library.


Need to fix that fringing at the roofline, didn't notice till I had exported the jpgs.


Also realized I need to crop this one on the bottom right hand corner to get rid of the stacking.


Most of if not all of these were shot using my nikkor 50mm f1.8. Both of these shots were taken at F 2.0 I wish I would have stopped down a little to get a bit more in focus.

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good news and bad news, I may have broken my jones bone, would mean more time to go over the shots but not able to take new ones....

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