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Unknown and a jellyfish


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Starting up a nano to host the sea creatures my daughter and I catch at the ocean. So far we have some weird looking plant and a jellyfish.


No idea what the plant is. When it doesn't have crud all over it, the flowery part is pink/purpleish and each flower has a very very thin stem.




I think the jelly is a moon jellyfish but might as well get confirmation while I'm here.



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Make sure your tank is fully cycled and established before you add any living things; there are plenty of articles about that process on here. Also, from what I understand, jellyfish have very special requirements- I would recommend putting him back in the ocean where he belongs until you are sure you know exactly what he is and what he needs. Make sure you do your research before taking things out of the ocean! Good luck and have fun!


Edit: the "flowery thing" is some kind of macro algae I think.

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I couldn't tell you which scyphozoan species that is, but it doesn't look consistent with any of the life stages of Aurelia. Maybe a small specimen of Chrysaora sp.?

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yeah it looks alot like an egg yoke jelly to me too. but i see you have LR in your tank and i know jellies don't like hard things that they can bump into like rock, it causes abrassion to the tissue and winds up killing them. i considered keeping jellies but they are expensive to keep properly. think about how they have them housed at the zoo, in those round tanks with slow steady water movement and nothing in the tank but the jellies... however that is a really good looking specimen

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It does look like that species. Shows you how familiar I am with scyphozoans, lol. They appear to get prohibitively large, though. You'd also appear to need a supply of Aurielia to feed it.

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