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I know this isnt really nano but this is the best reef forumn I have found. I am looking to improve the water circulation/ reduce the dead spots in my tank. I have a 75 gal display with a 50 gallon sump/refugium (custom built in a 75 gallon tank). I am currently using one Vortech MP40w and then I have 3 exits from my return pump (Hydrive 4800 from my basement). The tank is stocked/in the process or being stocked with LPS (acan, blasto, hammer and frogspawn) and zoas.


The advise I am looking for is what would be the best option for my tank to reduce the dead spots but not overpower the LPS? I would be looking at getting another Vortech MP40w and slaving it, getting 2-1" Sea-swirls (from the return), or an Oceans Motions (either S-Squirt Compact or 4-Way) (also off the return). I would like to keep as much out of the tank as possible. Thanks for the help and willing to try any other suggestions anyone has.


Also, I have tried both the 3/4" and the 1" SCWD and they just didnt cut it.

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