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Clownfish Genes "Breeding"


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Im working on a biology project and I figured why not research why clownfish have different markings if they are the same species ie picassos and snowflakes. If you have any decent articles about breeding clowns more specifically about the genes and how this effects their markings. Thank you I really appreciate it.

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I don't know how much info there is about clown breeding and genetics, but this is pretty similar to all of the many dog breeds. Researching how there are so many different breeds of dogs that are all the same species but very different physically could give you more insight on the clowns.

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Use google scholar, scifinder scholar (if your school has it), pubmed or the search feature on any of the multitude of aquaculture/marine biology journals out there. Check for review papers.


I'll find you all the articles you need for a nominal fee....

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I f you find any articles gerber, i'd be very interested too. I was thinking about trying to breed occellaris (cause how can you go without a tank) and was wondering what i'd get from crossing a all black with a regular one and then what i'd get from resultant generations.

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Figure out which traits are dominant/recessive/co-dominant/incomplete-dominant, then you should be able to determine their alleles after keeping track of the ratios of traits the young display.


Get a genetics school book, you should be able to determine the rest on your own.


I second Dog breeding books for a reference, German Shepherds have lots of info on the web about their genetics.


Good luck.



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Thanks for all the tips guys, I have been searching and have found a little info here and there, but If I find a solid source I will post it up here.

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