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Help choosing a fish for my 15g


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I have a 15g tank, with 28lbs live rock and 18 lbs live sand.


Currently stocked with the usual hermits and snails, plus 2 pistol shrimp, 1 yellow watchman goby and 1 yellow clown goby. I also have some corals, now - a small candy cane, a xenia, a small hammer coral, and a mushroom. Oh, and a tiny bit of colt coral and a few clove corals as well. The cloves were hitchhikers on my LR, and the colt was given to me by the LFS becuase it was too tiny to sell I guess!


The watchman just stays by his burrow and guards the shrimp, and the clown goby moves from perch to perch all day (mostly watching and making the yellow watchman nervous, lol).


So I'm looking for a reef safe fish that will spend much of it's time actually cruising around the open water in the tank. So far I've looked at some cardinalfish as an option, either pajama or bangaii, but I'd like to have some more suggestions.


My ideal fish would be a flame angel or a trigger fish, but I know neither of these would do well in my tank. I'm just mentioning them to give an idea of the look and behaviour I'm looking for!


Thanks for your help...

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They both seem a bit aggresive from my reading, as well as both being a bit confined in a 15g. The wrasse also seems to eat bristleworms, which I don't really want as I consider them to be a healthy part of the reef.


Damn, if I'm this picky I'm going to be stuck with clowns and or cardinals, aren't I? Or maybe a firefish, but I think they're a bit ugly...

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