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feeding algae


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hi u all..I hve been running a biocb 14 gl for about a year&half...

I hve got my tank well stocked with corals and live rock...

i hve 1 blk clown fish which is about 1 year old and a six lix line wrasse..

with a bsy wrk schedule i only feed my fishes once a day during morning..

i make sure that they r well fed and i hve got good cleanup crew aswell...

clown seems to be always hungry when i come home...

based on the fact that i hve got small tank and i dnt want to polute my water quality by feeding several times a day ..

any tips on feeding certain type of algae may be to my clown at night..

i was reading about reefs nutreition macro feast red algae.????

if thats a good idea for my clown for a dinner...

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clowns are always hungry :D


I spot feed mine. I turn the pumps off and feed him some pellets between my Mon, Wed, Fri entire tank feedings. This keeps my clown happy and keeps my tank free of excess food.

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Being opportunistic feeders they will always take food, that doesn't mean they are always starving. feeding once a day should be good enough.

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The best food for clowns, in a situation like yours, is something that stays in the water column long enough for them to consume it, without it getting trapped and causing pollution.


With my clowns I try to vary the food as much as possible. One food mine really love is the Reef Nutrition Arctipods. I rinse these in a little tank water to remove the solution they come in, then just squirt a little into teh tank. The clowns- and other fish- all go crazy for it.


Flake works well, as does the smaller Spectrum TheraA pellets.




Paul @ TeamVF

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