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Red/orage bubblealgeas?


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Hey every1

My pico is a couple of weeks old and now these little "bubblealgeas" is starting to show up..

On the picture they are orange, but i have also one on another rock that is red.

They are around 1-2 mm big

Should i remove them?




Thanks in advance


- Tobias Aakjær

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That is pretty small bubble algae. From what I read, they grow slower than the green kind, so many keep it. It doesn't look bad in my opinion, but it is up to you.

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In my opinion it look really cool! :'D


With 20K kelvin blue light the orange colour is nearly "glowing" (:

I'll keep it then (:

Thank you very much for your help (:

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Nah.. they look really cool (:


Anyway im trying to get all kinds of algea in there. In my opinion algea makes the aquarium look more alive.. (:

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i have red,orange and green bubble algae...i leave mine alone too...even the green...all i do is remove the ones that get close to the corals...


IMO the red and orange look awesome, they glow as much as my zoas under actinic ;)


now if i could get rid of the green and have orange and red in its place i wouldnt mind at all LOL!

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