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Bad Test Kit?


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I started cycling my tank 16 days ago with 20lbs of base rock and 5lbs live rock. I have been testing my water every three days or so with API test kit and every time i get PH8.4 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 and Nitrate 0. Over the past few days I have noticed green hair algae sprouting on my base rock and yesterday I saw bubble algae and aiptasia on a piece of the live rock i bought so I threw the piece out.


Algae feeds off nitrates correct? If I am getting algae growth then shouldn't I get a reading of nitrates? Should I get a new test kit? I can't just go to the fish store and get my water tested because the closest one is an hour and a half away, so i would like some opinions before i make the drive.

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Was the live rock cured already? If so, then you likely didn't have a cycle, which is fine. +1 to algae growth masking nitrate levels. What are you thinking about for the CUC? Most of them should be okay to add.

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Live rock was fully cured.


For CUC I was going to go with 20 ceriths, 6 nass, and 3 nerites which was recommended by reefcleaners. Was also thinking about a couple blue leg hermits for their antics.

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