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How to properly secure return for ATO>


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I recently purchased a JBJ ATO for my Red Sea Max 130 (34 Gallon) and I have a 5 gallon container with a Rio or MJ1200 return pump (1/4" hose) going back to my sump area (really the back of my tank) and am try to figure out the best way to mount the hose so that it's stationary and immobile, but also staying above the water as to not siphon the water out when the pump turns off.


Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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go to the hardware store and look at the nylon barbed fittings and or pvc barbed fittings. I usually just make a bracket out of the fittings so it hangs over the edge of the tank. You might run into a problem with stuff in the 1/4 inch range. Best selection is gonna be at a ace hardware or similar. In your situation since you are using 1/4 in tubing find two barbed L fittings and connect them with a peice of hose to the approriate size of your tank wall. That will be your hang on bracket.

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