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Planning my Livestock - Part 2


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Ok - So I am in week 3 of cycling my 28 gallon JBJ LED. I am still a ways out but I need to do all my livestock research and get my QT set up (very paranoid about pests)


The fish I plan to stock are as follows (in order of introduction to the tank)

1. McCosker Wrasse

2. 2 Semi Snowflake clowns

3. Cherub pygmy angel


The coral I really want to get is an SPS.... the - Acropora Coral, Purple. I plan to put this on the highest rock in my tank. I would also like to get some bright blaze orange zoanthids (im sure they exist), and a Montipora Capricornis.


My question is such - given the fact that I am a noob to reefing

1. Is it bad for me to get some SPS?

2. In all of this reef wonderland - would it be possible for me to get a bubble tip anenome? The possibility of having my clowns host it seems really awesome but I hear they get massive and overtake the tank


Sorry - this isn't a short post but I wanted to give as much context as possible.

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