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How often to feed?


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I searched but could not find a clear answer. How often should I feed by percula clowns with sinking pellets? I have been feeding them every day so far. But I notice they are not interested in pellets after eating 5-6 small pellets each. Should I rather feed them every other day or every 3 days?



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Try to feed them only the amount they consume. And try to keep a varied diet including frozen etc.. I feed my fish once a day and have one non-feeding day per week.

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My fish are fed daily and I alternate between mysis and Formula 2 flake food. They don't eat a lot and I usually give them a small pinch. Clowns don't need a lot. If you get into the larger species of fish in larger tanks, such as, tangs, angels, etc. Those guys are pigs and need to eat constantly.


Definitely get them some nice frozen foods. PE mysis is awesome and packed with protein and Omega fatty acids.

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twice a day. I feed 2 pieces (fingernail sized) of flake food in the afternoon, then around dinner time, I feed one piece of mysis per fish.

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Every Monday, Wed, Friday


That's my feeding schedule as well. I vary between flake food, mysis, and cyclopeeze for the fish and usually drop 2-3 sinking shrimp pellets.

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for those who feed mysis or cyclopeeze, do u feed them through a turkey baster or do u just throw the cube or add a drop in the tank with the pumps off and have them attack it?

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