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Prizm Skimmer


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How effective is the Prizm Skimmer in a 20 gallon aquarium? If it isn't, what HOT skimmer would you recommend? Thanks for the replies!

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i have a prizm and i have been using it for over 2 years now. Its not bad at all for the price but if you have the money to drop on a 300 dollar skimmer go for it lol. They really are alot better. I have the prizm because i was good friend of one the employees of an lfs and they sold it to me for 40 bucks.

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I got a new one from a lfs, it went on eBay a week later, it just doesn't do what its suppose too, go with Tunze, AquaC, or the cheaper but just as good Aquatic Life.

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I use an Aquatic Life in my sump for my 20. Produces some bubbles when breaking in, but once it does, pulls some good gunk and not too many bubbles.

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