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Guide to Installing an Aquaticlife 115 Skimmer into a Biocube 29, Chamber 1

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Hello all! I'm a newbie here and in the aquarium world, my daughter gave me her 29 biocube that was neglected for months water was clear but nitrates and phosphate were sky high with red algae on sand after lots of googleing and many water changes levels have dropped tremendously and algae gone. I've purchased a midsize ghost skimmer and built a lil stand and put it in chamber #1. I removed bioballs and put in live rock in chamber #2 with media basket with floss, phosphate bag and a charcoal bag in it. I also purchased from my local reef store oosome kind of contraption with little tiny balls in it that supposedly helps with phosphates and also put in chamber #2 with it draining into chamber #3. I also have heater in #3. My problem is the skimmer takes up that whole compartment and water is only trickling out of back corner into #2 not really hitting enough of my media basket. I've read some suggestions and one says something about a false floor? I still have that sponge in chamber #3 and have read people remove it why and where is this false floor?

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Love this thread, I was considering a aquamaxx HOB-1 on my BC29 but the wife says no way does she want to see that on the back of the tank.  I have the hinge in the way but do I really need 3 hinges?  I have a dermal and I'm not afraid to use it.   

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