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Jeremy B.

Indo-Pacific Coral Finder Guide - Preorder Now!

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Jeremy B.

Preorder Now For Arrival May 6th!




The Indo Pacific Coral Finder


- is a robust plastic book that can be used underwater. (we recommend you keep this out of your aquarium!)

- is easy-to-use and requires no specialized knowledge

- has a unique visual logic system driven by shape and texture that requires little reference to text & allows you to find the answer visually

- gives you the name of the coral genus in about a minute – using the links and resources provided you can choose to read / learn about it at your discretion

- is a visual summary of Corals of the World – it captures the 66 most common hard coral genera regardless of shape and form expressed by over 500 species

- also covers 5 genera of blue, fire, organ pipe and lace corals

- has concise supporting text with tips and arrows – similar to a bird guide

- cross-references back into Corals of the World for the ultimate in post dive learning

- is supported by a wealth of free on-line learning resources at www.coralhub.info

- avoids technical terms and uses plain language to get fast results


To use the Coral Finder first swim up to a coral and select one of the form based “Key Groups” from the cover e.g. Meandering Ridges & Valleys. If you're not lucky enough to have an aquarium that big, then peering into your "glass box of goodness" will do just fine!


The Coral Finder uses a visual logic based on shape and texture – not text – and delivers pages of EASY to scan “look-alikes”. This lets your eyes and brain solve the coral ID problem visually – you see the answer – without the need for formal knowledge in the first instance.



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i saw this on Reef Builder's a while ago.

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