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Hello Hello,

Figured I'd give a quick intro and say 'Hi'.

I've been keeping some 29g FW tanks for the last 10 years or so, and have enjoyed them immensely. My style has always been lots of plants, no fake cars/skulls, etc...Just trying to look as natural as possible - and I think that's helped out a lot in the overall ecosystem of the tank.

Lately, I've gotten the SW itch - and have been researching like mad (maybe sucking down lots of NR.com bandwith :lol: ). Here's kinda where Im at:

I want to pick up the Solana 34g with the MH pendant. Unfortunately I don't have any really good LFS's around that have these available, so I'll be mail ordering....Question I have there - is the starphire glass really worth it ? Reason I ask is because I never even heard of it before. Additionally, I would imagine for a 34g tank, the glass really can't be all that thick - so is it worth it ? I was able to find a retailer that has the complete setup with *regular* glass for $799. Putting everything together myself to get the starphire glass - it comes out to around $950 from a different retailer. Any thoughts on this ?

Anyway - Im sure I'll have lots and lots of questions..but for now I'm just gonna lurk



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:welcome: to nano-reef.com


I've never seen a tank with starphire (or other low iron glass) in person, but it does sound like not a useless addition. Some manufacturers allow less than 4 sides to have starphire glass to minimize the expense. Because of the rimless design, the Solana glass is relatively thick compared to standard tanks of similar size, which makes starphire a more attractive option.

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I've ordered from these guys and many on this site have too. Free shipping over $99 ($770 shipped = stand, tank, and HQI pendant). They are very reputable (this is the best price I have found):




I don't know much about the Starphire glass, but people rant & rave about it (like not having anything there). Its been said by looking through regular glass is like looking through sunglasses compared to starphire. It is heavier, low-iron glass, that is more difficult to scratch and supposedly clearer. Most people get it to make show tanks. I've also heard that starphire doesn't make that much difference in smaller tanks than it does in the larger ones. Good luck.

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