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Actinics help


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I just set up a second tank, a 29 gallon biocube. It came with a 150W Mh, with a 14K Pheonix bulb. I recently went to a frag swap, and the frags I bought were incredibly colorful, but now the zoas appear to be brown. Is this due to lack of actinics? Can I supplement the actinic through PC? I'm just wanting that pop of color. These frgs have been in my tank for about a week. They were so pretty at the swap....



ETA: My tank is fully cycled, I bought the complete set up, which was established for ~2yrs. Here is the setup I bought: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=165102&hl=

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Sometimes zoas brown up a little from moving stress. But I personally think the 150 Phoenix (and the 250, which I have) needs some actinic help.


You could use PC's just fine. Royal blue LED's would be even nicer looking, by far. I run a Phoenix MH and royal blue LED's together and it looks nuts. You just need to either DIY a setup or find a pre-made unit that would work. I'd suggest a minimum of 6 high power (3w) LED's.

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