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Urchin in a 14BC?


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Hey all. So I've done a little research into the idea of putting a little urchin (tuxedo, blue preferably) into my 14BC and was wondering if anyone else has done so. From what I've read, minimum tank size for them is 20g but people have had success with them in 14's as long as there was enough coralline to eat.


I'm going out to a LFS later today and will talk to them about it too. Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience they can share on the topic.



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I have kept an urchin in my 14 biocube for 4 years and counting. The first one grew out of it so I moved it to a larger tank. I replaced it with a nickle sized black (I think rock boring) urchin which has in the past year tripled in size. I would recomend getting a very small one, they rearrange things when they get too big. I see no problem if you have plenty of coralline for it to eat.

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Awesome guys, thanks for the info. When I went out to the LFS, all they had were long-spined so no urchin yet. I did pick up a pretty sweet head of half purple tip/half green tip frogspawn, couple of palys, and a fox coral, which is totally new to me but really sweet nonetheless! :)

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My blue tux was the first livestock I bought for my BC14 and he's been a perfect gentleman. Ate through mounds of GHA before turning to the coralline. He leaves behind pure white rock where he's been but by the time he's moved to a second rock, the coralline is already returning on the previous one. Just don't be surprised when you see that they've done it, and if you're going for pure purple with coralline, you might reconsider. :P


I also feed him a 1.5"x1.5" (-ish) piece of nori once or twice a week, or whenever he's in a position that I can slide it under him. Besides that, they're great fun - it's amazing what they'll find to decorate themselves with. :lol: Just the other day I had to free a thrashing nassarius snail that got caught in an urchin drive-by!

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My blue tux is in a 14 too. He can't keep up with my algae growth, think that says something for my tank! He does pick up the funniest stuff, my black mithrax crab shed the other week, and he wore the shell on his back until it disintegrated. He's usually covered in rocks and the odd corals, usually daisy polyps, he likes them. I rarely see his bright blue colours, shame cause he's so pretty.

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