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Need Help Aging a Phoenix 14k bulb


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I recently got a used 30" MH/T5HO fixture for my new Prop Tank.

The MH bulb in it is a Phoenix 14k, not the 10k bulb the seller described.

I also recently discovered a used Phoenix 14k bulb in my cupboard that I didn't even know was there.

I don't know how old either of these bulbs are, and I want to figure out which one has the most life still left in it so I can use that in the fixture for now.

It's been a while since I've used MH, so I don't remember this stuff.

One of the bulbs has a smoky powdery coating on part of the inside of the bulb.

The other doesn't have this.

Is the one with the smoky interior likely to be older?

Any help is appreciated.

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Unless you have a PAR meter handy...


I would fire them both up ... wait 30 minutes and take a pic. Which is more yellow? :)


I never really paid much attention to the smoke color. They seem more used if the smoke color is more brownish. I should pay attention to that more but I date my bulbs so I guess I don't care either. And I have a PAR meter :P

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