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Lighting for my 10G


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So I originally was going to do a DIY LED fixture for my 10g tank. The work proved to be out of my league. Anyway My tank is 15x10x17 and need to upgrade my stock lights 2x18w. I dont want my fixture to hang over the edges and having trouble finding anything short of 20" that is strong enough for me to put SPS in my tank. Any recommendations on lights? I did find Nanocustoms Hybrid LED + T5 but that wont be out for some time and I am itching to get some corals! Thanks for the help!

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You're stuck for now, unless you want to build something. You could make a small 70W MH pendant, but that's going to be one of your only options for the time being on a fixture that short.

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Coralife's 90w quad is 20 inches. It wouldn't look too bad if you got some legs for it.


I have one sitting on my 20hex and it sticks out just a little.


You're talking about 1.5 inches on each side.

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