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Are there coral libraries anywhere? (coral ID pic also)


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Im just looking for like a library of all corals. (doesnt need to be ALL, but Id like the most popular ones...)


Anyone have a good link? THeres a good book at me lfs, but they use it and dont sell it.


Also, what kind of coral is this, I bought it for 20$ and forgot the name. Its red, at at night has a bunch of little polys that come out that look like white aips. Its a little dusty, cause apparently it likes to be at the enterance of caves. I need to blow off the 'dust' tommorow.


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thanks, and thats probably why it was only 20$ today. It looks ok irl, I think it can rebound nicely. It opens up alot more at nighttime.

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what would you do, phyto? Doesnt seem like it would eat it. The polyps get pretty big and look like theyd eat something bigger than phyto..

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I agree with jeremai. Definitely a chili.


A lot of places list it as a Alcyonium palmatus... but I personally think it belongs with in the Nephtheidae family... the scientific classification of corals is quite a mess. lol


Brine is going to be WAY too big for it. The size of the polyps are a poor way to judge what a coral eats in reference to particulate matter. Chili's are more of a filter feeder and don't have really strong stinging cells to immobilize prey in comparison to... oh, lets say Tubastrea(aka sun polyps), another aposymbiotic coral. ;) Try something smaller. I would offer a mix of phyto and zoo. It might honestly lean more towards the phyto like a gorgonian.


I would place it out of the light and upside down(in the wild they're normally found in that position under cave overhangs). You probably should remove the detritus asap. And make sure it has sufficient water flow to prevent fouling. =)


Hope this helped. =)


Oh! And if you were looking for a really good reference I'd definitely recommend Eric Borneman's Aquarium Corals. PHENOMENAL. lol!

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