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CADLights 22g — 110W PC or 96W T5?


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Ok so I'm thinking of upgrading my 5.5g AIO to a CADLights 22g when I move into my 1BR apartment in August. I've always been a big fan of CAD and love the price/size of the 22g AIO system. That being said, I need some advice. They now have two models of the 22g: a PC light one and a T5 light one. Now I know that T5 lighting is better than PC however the PC light is 110W while the T5 is 96W and I know that more wattage is better (to a point). The PC version is also around $100 cheaper. The T5 does come with individual reflectors and moonlights, though. What is everyone's opinion on which option is better?

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