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Good place to buy refractometer?


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I'm in the market for a reliable yet fairly priced refractometer. Could anyone point me in the right direction? I don't know much about them. Is it worth paying for the expensive models? What is the difference? And what should I be looking for?



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I use the Sybon refractometer myself, I bought it through a group buy here on N-R 6 or 7 years ago.

While most look and work the same some use more plastic and the scales are not as easy to read. The Sybon is metal and has a nice rubber armor jacket so its farly well protected. A few of my friends bought a blue colored one that was hard plastic rather than soft rubber coated and the numbers on the scale were harder to read.

I see the Sybon at many vendors for $45 to $55 and $49.99 most places. Might find it cheaper though, I didn't look real hard just now. I think we paid $35 or so 6 or 7 years ago and bought hundreds of them through this site.

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I really like my Sybon (the one that is metal with a rubber jacket) I luckily got my on sale for 30 at my lfs theyre probably the least expensive too

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Thanks Chuck.


I guess the consensus is that the cheap ones work well, but the metal ones are easier to read. Is that about it?

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I bought one from ebay that looks like the Marine Depot Brand. Its been spot on for over 3 years now.



I just got mines from ebay for under $50 shipped. It feels very durable works perfectly. Good bye hydrometer!

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What about this one? It's $27.49 shipped to my door from e-bay.




It sounds like most of you guys are happy with the cheaper models. Is there any reason not to get this one? It's made of aluminum and has a 3 year guarantee plus the seller has a 99.4% positive feedback after over 11,000 sales.


its perfect. what more do u want?

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its perfect. what more do u want?


That's the thing. I have no idea. This one looks like the $100 ones to me. I Just can't figure out why you would pay 4 times more for basically nothing more.


I'll order it up. That's a great price.

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