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Stunner LED


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I was thinking of buying the stunner LED combo strip for my 9gal? at the moment I only have PC lighting, and was wondering if I should skip the PC and just use the LED lighting or compliment my PC with the LED? My PC lighting is only 18 watts total so I was thinking to just add the LED but a guy from my LFS told me not to combine them and just use the LED strip because then it would be too much light. I just want to know if the LED strip would be enough lighting or if I should use both?

Thanks in advance :D

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I would go ahead and use both. www.aquanerd.com had some write ups on par numbers with the stunner strips.. he was using 5 of em I think in a combination.. and at about 17 in from the sand he was getting like 50's on a PAR meter...


:pause: Gonna go see if i can just post a link for ya to the review and you can draw your own conclusions.


Here is the link to the PAR number using 4 stunner strips .. check it out and you can see how you would like to do things. :)



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Nope the panorama led strips for 100 each basically give about equal par in their tests (i panorama strip vs 4 stunners)


read through his site for the other reviews of the panorama add in strips.

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