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new montipora digitata...


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OK, got this frag of montipora digitata two days ago from one of our sponsors here at NR. Any thoughts? Is it on the way to Davey Jones' Locker, or is it just still annoyed from shipping? Anything I can and/or need to do?




Water params, since someone will ask:


nitrate: 0

nitrite: 0

ammonia: 0

alk: 9

salinity: 1.026

phosphate: 0

calc: 500

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Could be but I have seen them come back. What lighting do you have? You are probably going to want to move it up off the sand and into the rock work after a while.

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This is in a 9" deep tank, under 2x39w T5s with great reflectors... but you're right, I will be moving it up onto the rock eventually (assuming it isn't a goner). Flow is good, too.

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