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LED question for 58 G


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I know this is not neccessarily a nano tank but after all my research, I have decided that this forum has the most knowledge and experience in building LED hoods. In fact, I was so inspired after reading all of these posts on led lights that I went out yesterday and purchased a tank setup (had a 250 gallon for 5 years so I am not a begginer). The tank I bought is an oceanic 36"w x 21"t x 18" d with a full open top (blank canvas), so what should I do. After reading I have a pretty good idea of what I need and how to hook them up, I just do not know how many or in what configuration. By this I mean how many leds, what size heat sink, how many drivers, what brand driver, what size power supply and how many power supplies. I know this is a lot to ask but whoever helps will be given full credit so Thanks in Advance to everyone. Also I will be keeping a mixed reef, sps, clams, lps, etc...

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This should be pretty easy. A 12x4 array (48 LEDs total with a 50/50 mix of cool white and royal blue) with 80 degree optics should be more than enough for what you are looking to do. Run everything on 4 Meanwell ELN-60-48D drivers (0-10v dimmable, controllable from a reef controller or a manual dimmer). Keep LED spacing to 2" on center per LED per row, and 3" per row for full coverage and good color blending. A 24"x10" heatsink from HeatsinkUSA will round out the whole deal.

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Thanks evil, I was hoping you would answer. When I order the meanwells from nanotuners (this is where I will be ordering everything from) do I need to specify that I would like the dimmable version, and do I use the pot dimmers on these as seen in other builds (not wanting to get into the controllers at the moment). Also why do I need 4 drivers instead of two?

Thanks again.


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We only carry the dimmable ELNs, and on the "D" version that uses the 0-10v dimming. It avoids a lot of confusion.


For the control portion, read through the Meanwell thread. It's a lot of info, but it's good info. There is a circuit posted in there that shows you how to make a 0-10v dimmer. Sadly, it's not quite as simple as adding a pot to the driver like you would a Buckpuck.


For 48 LEDs, you need 4. One for every 12 LEDs.

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